Our Adventures RV'ing

Our Adventures RV'ing

Sunday, May 29, 2016

San Diego Part 2: Mission Bay, CA

May 15-22nd, 2016

Before checking in at Mission Bay we got a call that our car would be ready sooner then we expected. I called Mission Bay and they were very accommodating when I needed to change our reservation from 11 nights to 7 nights and refunded us for the other 4 nights. Something to keep in mind since this RV park charges you for your entire stay when you make your reservation. The website does say you can make changes to your reservation for a $10 fee or cancel a reservation at any time and get a full refund less $25 so I was comfortable when I made reservations knowing we may have to make changes. It may be harder if you had to make changes after your check-in so best to make sure you know your plans before making reservations. I did not see that they charged me for changing our reservation.

We arrived at Mission Bay RV Resort Park and found it to be an okay looking park, more of a parking lot with hookups and a few trees. So different then our last week at Chula Vista. I knew that it was not going to be great or compare, I did read the reviews and see pictures. The park is nothing to write home about, you are definitely paying for its location. Here is a good review from a fellow RV blogger I follow and I would agree with their impressions that this RV park is all about its location. http://wheelingit.us/2012/03/29/rv-park-review-mission-bay-rv-resort-san-diego-ca/

Let's start with when we arrived at our site #244. I had reserved one of their super sites thinking bigger is better when parking a rig of our size at 45 feet. Site was a back in, there are no pull through sites at this RV park. We tried several angles and failed getting in, luckily one of our neighbors in a large rig said he also had a hard time and since there was no RV in the site behind us we would have better luck pulling through into our site. May not be allowed but we did it anyway.  Our site was not level, higher in the back then front, our rig was able to level but our neighbor had a a harder time leveling his rig and had to put blocks under his front jacks.
Site #244 with our car rental

There is one other RV park on the bay called Campland by the Bay, it is more expensive and seemed busier than our park. We walked over there and although it did have more grass and more amenities like a pool, etc. it was noisier and more family oriented. Sites seemed closer together but they did have some pull through sites. Campland  has their own beach for launching water toys but it was crowded and noisy. Although my 1st impressions of our park wasn't great I am glad we chose this park over Campland.

 Mission Bay RV Park may have been better in its day but I read there are city renovations in this area called De Anza Park. It involves getting rid of the 2 mobile home parks surrounding the RV park. I read they are still planning to keep an RV park in the area but the project hasn't started and it looks like it may take awhile. Here is a link to the story if you want to read about it. http://www.sdnews.com/view/full_story/27176257/article-De-Anza-plans-progressing-for-Mission-Bay
Right now the area around the park looks shabby and many homes are abandoned, the RV park itself is ok but nothing to rave about. If what I have read is going to happen it may eventually be a nice area again.  The park is very secure; the complex has a fence around it with a 24 hour guard at the entrance gate and they drive around patrolling the place throughout the day. There is  a small beach accessible from outside the RV park entrance.
Beach on the bay 

The park and bike path near the RV park is part of Mission Bay and has rules regarding the doggies. This time of year no dogs allowed on the beach, park, or paths from 9am-6pm, but there is a small section just outside the park that is not part of Mission Bay but the RV/mobile home park that you can walk the dogs.
Walking path

Mission Bay Park
Some of the mobile homes still remaining

The location is why you want to stay here and is ideal for visiting SeaWorld, and all the other San Diego sites.

We have made it to all of our favorite Pacific Beach and La Jolla spots which included lots of morning trips with the dogs for pastry at The French Gourmet and then over to the Starbucks in Bird Rock. We had happy hours at PB Alehouse and had dinner at The Crabcatcher in La Jolla and PB Mika for sushi.

The beach air has been good for us, we are refreshed and ready to head back to Phoenix, pick up the Jeep and work our way back to Utah.  There looks like an unusual cool spell when we get back to Phoenix which will make the 2 night stay easier. We are getting close to the Memorial Day weekend where traveling and finding RV park space has been difficult so we will regroup and decide on our best route north to Salt Lake.

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